SUPPLIER Indústria e Comércio de Eletroeletrônicos Ltda. was founded in 2004 with the purpose of working on the Electro-electronics sector, mainly manufacturing power supplies with special applications, for use in industrial automation and R&D laboratories.

At the beginning of 2004 three engineers joined forces and started providing consulting services to companies interested in developing products in the field of power electronics and electrical drives for industrial automation. The first manufactured product was an AC Power Source with special features, remote control, high level of monitoring and protection. After that project new ideas and opportunities flourished, being the starting point for transformation of SUPPLIER Projetos e Consultoria em Engenharia Elétrica Ltda. in a company SUPPLIER Indústria e Comércio de Eletro-eletrônicos Ltda.

Currently, two founders, Alessandro L. Batschauer and Marcello Mezaroba are still working in the company with a qualified team of technicians and engineers, with MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering.

            Focusing on meeting the needs of the National market, SUPPLIER has a wide variety of products distributed on:

  • AC Power Sources, controlled in voltage or current;
  • Programmable DC Power Supply;
  • DC Power Supplythat emulate photovoltaic panels;
  • Special Applications Power Sources;
  • Microgrid power electronic converters;
  • Bi-directional VSI Inverters and Multilevel converters;
  • Hipot for insulation and ground tests;
  • Power transistors drivers;
  • Surface Mount PCB Assembly;

 SUPPLIER is very proud to be a company with 100% national capital and complete development of its products, from energy processing, through software and user interface. This level of nationalization allows the company to develop custom and specialty products to assist customers with specific or unique test requirements, and that is what makes SUPPLIER very proud. With background knowledge for all its products and strategic location, allows SUPPLIER provide an excellent after sales support and a faster maintenance than our competitors.

SUPPLIER products are proudly made in Brazil and the company is headquartered in Joinville, state of Santa Catarina. All engineering, manufacturing and product servicing is performed at the company’s headquarters.


“SUPPLIER’s recognition in Brazil as a high-tech company in the development and manufacture of electronic products.”


“Provide products and specialized services in electrical engineering, developing and applying innovative technologies with agility, flexibility and quality.”

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