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FCATH 450-46-50 PFC-EN

The Supplier FCATH 450-46-50PFC is a high efficiency AC power source which provide sine wave output with low distortion, and accurate measurement of power. The FCATH 450-46-50PFC allows users to compose different harmonic components to synthesize their own harmonic distorted wave-shapes. Its input stage is a bidirectional converter, providing high power factor and able to returning power to the grid during breaking of a motor.

características técnicas

- Voltage Range: 0 – 460V

- Output Power: 4.5 kVA

- Frequency: 15Hz – 500Hz

- Power factor correction (PFC) and Regenerative power

- Harmonic synthesizer (up to 50)

- Users can set the phase angle from 0° to 360° and also simulate unbalance 3-phase power

- Low harmonic distortion (THD)

- High output current crest factor

- Protection circuits: Over current, Over voltage, Over load, short-circuit, over temperature;

- Serial Communication RS-232C

- Provide precision and high speed measurements such as RMS current, active power, reactive power and power factor

- Programmable up/down voltage and/or frequency ramp

- Remote operation software with the following functions: user editable test program, test report generator, On-line control function (Optional)

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