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The Battery Bank allows the storage of energy, which can be used to feed the loads in the absence of electricity from the power grid, or to reduce demand at peak times.

Battery Banks are configurable and can be combined with reversible cc-cc converters and bi-directional drives to form a micro-grid.

The batteries that make up the Battery Banks are made of lead acid and features a charge and a temperature monitoring system.

Lithium-ion battery banks can be designed by inquiry.

características técnicas

Nominal Power: 6 kWh / 20Ah @ 1hour

Rated Voltage: 432 V

Voltage: 378 V - 540 V

Maximum Operating Current: 100 A

Protection by Electromagnetic Circuit Breaker: 100 A

Type of Batteries: Stationary Acid Lead (Lithium Ion by inquiry)

Estimated Lifetime: 1500 cycles @ 20% download Depth

Communication Port: RS 485

Voltage and temperature monitoring: Individual on each battery

Monitoring of Load and Discharge: Bank Total

Equalization of loading and unloading: Bank Total

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